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Zinc is major player in the DNA creation, building proteins, healing, growth of Cells, damaged tissue and supports a heaplthy immune system. 

October 2023:

Weigth loss

 14 days 



10 prarticipants

Orchidilla Residence & Retreats. 

About us. 

Since more than 10 years the Orchidilla is the home 

for many holiday visitors in wonderful authentic 

Mai khao beach Phuket Thailand. 

All details and information found on our website

900 sqm 

Community garden. 

56 sqm Houses  &

96 sqm  Homes 

Phuket Thailand

Mai khao beach

The longest beach from Phuket Island. 

Perfect for sand spa, long walkings or only for relax. 

10 km 




Retreat Oct 2023


A retreat is a type of group getaway in which the members of that group take time to form bonds with one another, contemplate their purpose and motives, and work on one or more specific goals. People often mistake any group planning or training meeting for a retreat.




Going on a retreat will help to re-energise you, and give you space to think creatively, and time to reflect. If you truly want to be productive and effective in what you do (and enjoy doing it) then setting aside time to consider your life's purpose and your personal values, vision and mission is vital.

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